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Authors Ciezar, P. -
Title Acquisition et enregistrement de données à grande échelle en archéologie préventive. Observations autour des systèmes d’enregistrement à l’Inrap
Volume Archeologia e Calcolatori supplemento 3 - 2012
In Giligny F., Costa L., Djindjian F., Ciezar P., Desachy B. (eds), Actes des 2èmes Journées d’Informatique et Archéologie de Paris – JIAP 2010
Pages pp. 215-228
Publisher Edizioni All'Insegna del Giglio
Subject Data encoding and metadata
Subject Cultural Resource Management
Abstract General principles of recording data in archaeology, developed and consolidated during the past thirty years have spawned a multiplicity of conceptual models and robust software solutions. Inrap, as the main actor at the national level, must foster the harmonization of different approaches to the recording of data in order to improve methods of collecting and sharing data. The paper shows the different solutions and main tools for data capture being applied by the excavation team managers of the Institute, considering the particularities of these tools such as origin, method, type of field, and scientific questioning. Moreover, the adjustments to which these tools are being subjected in order to fit different situations are presented. The focus is on an ongoing project to establish progressive convergence among the possible approaches, including the promotion of the development of a conceptual platform shared with the Ministry of Culture, which would allow a 'branding' of various databases. The use of a standard like the CIDOC-CRM, the international standard of reference for the exchange of information on cultural heritage, could serve as a reference.
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