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Authors Djindjian, F. -
Title Quantifier les processus archéologiques
Volume Archeologia e Calcolatori n. XXI - 2010
In Biró, K.T. (ed), Quantitative Methods for the Challenges in 21st Century Archaeology, Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the UISPP 4th Commission (Budapest, Hungarian National Museum, 5-6 June 2009)
Pages pp. 233-247
Publisher Edizioni All'Insegna del Giglio
Subject History of applications and research projects
Subject Theoretical and methodological problems
Abstract Since 1950, in the history of Quantitative Archaeology, the data approach has been the essence of the mathematical and statistical applications in Archaeology. In the present paper, it is proposed to focus on the process approach and to point out new fields of mathematical applications in Archaeology. Several archaeological processes are shown, for example, archaeological business process, stratigraphy process, post-depositional process, taphonomic process, technological (manufacturing) process, building process, intersite spatial process (landscape archaeology), exchange process, cultural change process. The list is not exhaustive and has only the purpose of illustrating the interest of such an approach. Several examples of applications are given, which show the differences between the data approach and the process approach. The mathematical techniques, which are used, are mainly the description and the quantification of the processes, elementary statistics, data analysis, stochastic models and the simulation by multi-agent systems.
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