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Authors and Title
Italic inscriptions and databases workshop (Istituto Svedese di Studi Classici a Roma, 23 September 2014), edited by Ulla Rajala.
Authors and Title Göransson, K. -
Authors and Title Rajala, U. -
Authors and Title Tikkanen, K.W. -
Pre-Roman languages on the Apennine peninsula.
Authors and Title Caravale, A. -
Archaeological computing and ISMA projects.
Authors and Title Rajala, U. -
GIS and pre- and postcolonial inscriptions in the Ager Faliscus.
Authors and Title Orlandi, S. -
The EAGLE network.
Authors and Title Förtsch, R. - Mambrini, F. - Schmiedle, W. -
Inscriptions on iDAI.objects Arachne.
Authors and Title Lundqvist, K. - Landeschi, G. -
From CIL to 2D and 3D GIS
Authors and Title Korhonen, K. - Viitanen, E.-M. - Nissin, L. -
Inscriptions in their spatial contexts in Roman Italy.
Authors and Title Bozia, E. - Barmpoutis, A. -
Life and afterlife of archaeological sources: electronic preservation, dissemination, and study of Latin inscriptions.
Authors and Title Mainardis, F. -
"The epigraphic project of the Laboratory of Epigraphy (EpiLab), Department of Humanities (Trieste University).
Authors and Title Blennow, A. -
INSCRIPTA. A research network for Latin epigraphy.
Authors and Title Hedlind, R. -
Numismatics and inscriptions: ancient coins at Uppsala University brought online.
Authors and Title Jakobsson, U. -
"Swedish National Data Services (SND), a national infrastructure for research data.
Authors and Title Liss, H. - Ingvarsson-Sundström, A. -
Databases and standardisation. Experiences from Athens.
Authors and Title Sironen, T. -
"An epigraphy database: a point of view of a researcher of Oscan/Sabellic epigraphy".
Authors and Title Guidi, A. -
Quantitative methods in Italian archaeology: a review.
Authors and Title Achino, K.F. - Capuzzo, G. -
The quantification of spatio-temporal distributions of archaeological data: from counts to frequencies.
Authors and Title Mallet Gauthier, S. - Choulakian, V. -
Taxicab correspondence analysis of abundance data in archaeology: three case studies revisited.
Authors and Title Cantone, F. -
The flower woman figurines from the Foce Sele Hera Sanctuary. Ancient coroplastic digital data management, analysis, and sharing.
Authors and Title Azzena, G. - Busonera, R. - Nurra, F. - Petruzzi, E. -
From the Archaeological Map of Italy to the National Geographical Archaeological Information System. The Sardinian experience.
Authors and Title Niknami, K.A. - Askarpour, V. -
Pattern analysis of Chalcolithic settlements in the valley of Sarfirouzabad, Kermanshah, Iran.
Authors and Title Cicilloni, R. - Mossa, A. - Cabras, M. -
Studio dell’insediamento protostorico in un’area della Sardegna centro-occidentale tramite strumenti GIS ed analisi multivariate.
Authors and Title Seubers, J. - Trienen, T. -
A hand to the plough. A GIS-based cartographical analysis of changes in elevation due to terrain modification and erosion in the settlement area of ancient Crustumerium.
Authors and Title Puche, J.M. -
Al di là della morte del disegno archeologico. I Massive Data Acquisition Systems (MDAS) in archeologia
Authors and Title Gabrielli, R. - Angelini, A. - Portarena, D. -
Strategie innovative di elaborazione e restituzione dati del castello crociato di Wu’Ayra.
Authors and Title
Documentare l’archeologia 4.0: Strumenti e metodi per la costruzione di banche dati territoriali, Atti del Workshop (Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna, 5 maggio 2014), a cura di Antonio Curci e Andrea Fiorini.
Authors and Title Curci, A. - Fiorini, A. -
Authors and Title Bertoldi, S. - Fronza, V. - Valenti, M. -
Sistemi digitali di documentazione e analisi archeologica. Verso quale direzione?
Authors and Title Cambi, F. -
Paesaggi trascorsi e globalità dell’archeologia.
Authors and Title Cattani, M. - Debandi, F. -
Analisi di distribuzione delle ceramiche dell’età del Bronzo: il caso dell’Italia centro-settentrionale.
Authors and Title Decri, A. - Parodi, I. - Roascio, S. - Rosatto, G. -
Cronotipologia al tempo del web 2.0: banca dati e mappa online dei portali di Genova.
Authors and Title Fiorini, A. -
Archeologia dell’architettura in Romagna: la banca dati territoriale.
Authors and Title Mantellini, S. -
GIS and remote sensing for a preliminary assessment of the archaeological landscape in the Eblaite chora (Syria).
Authors and Title De Guio, A. -
Nuove linee di ricerca fra archeologia pre-dittiva e post-dittiva.
Authors and Title Putzolu, C. -
L’alta Valle del Taro: strategie locazionali in ambiente montano.
Authors and Title Marchi, M.L. - Forte, G. - Muntoni, I.M. - De Leo, A. -
Dalle ricerche topografiche all’archeologia preventiva. Il GIS del progetto Ager Lucerinus: modelli di indagine e strategie di intervento nei Monti Dauni.
Authors and Title Fiorino, S. - Caravale, A. -
Recensioni - Archeologia e Calcolatori XXVI.

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